I Tried X Premium for 3 Months — Here’s What Happened

X, formerly known as Twitter, has gone through a lot of changes since its ownership changed hands in November 2022. One of the most notable ones is its paid tier, which has seen name and design changes and many (many) additions to its list of features.

So much has happened with this paid tier known as X Premium (RIP Twitter Blue) that it can be overwhelming for users considering it to go through and understand if it’s right for them. 

To help ease some of this confusion, I paid for X Premium and tracked the performance of my content over 90 days. My goal was to assess the paid tier’s value and whether you should take the $8 (or $16) leap. In this article, I attempt to do just that and help you make the right decision for your brand.

What is X Premium?

X Premium is a premium, opt-in, paid subscription service designed to enhance user experience on the platform. It offers additional features to improve engagement and personalization, with three tiers: 

  • Basic: This tier costs $3 a month or $32 a year, giving users access to limited features.
  • Premium: This was the first tier made available, and it costs $8 or $84 a year. It has all the features that one might consider useful. It’s also the tier I went with because it was the only one available at the time.
  • Premium+: This tier costs $16 a month or $168 a year and offers a few extra features not included in the Premium tier.


If you’re looking for pricing information specific to your country, X provides that here.

Some key features of X Premium include the ability to edit your posts and upload longer posts and videos, as well as a Blue checkmark and text formatting, among many others. We’ll dive into them in a minute – but first, how do you sign up?

How to get X Premium

If you’re just here to know how to get X Premium for yourself, it’s pretty simple:

  1. Navigate to the X website or open the X app on your phone.
  2. Look for the ‘X Premium’ or ‘Subscription’ option in your account settings or profile menu.
  1. Select from the three available tiers – Basic, Premium, or Premium+ – based on the features you need and your budget.

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