Why Community Is The Last Great Marketing Strategy

Marketing Podcast with Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mark Schaefer. Mark is a globally-recognized keynote speaker, college educator, marketing consultant, and author of books such as Marketing Rebellion – Cumulative Advantage, and Belonging To The Brand: Why Community Is The Last Great Marketing Strategy.

Key Takeaway:

Mark Schaefer argues that brand communities are the future of marketing strategy. In this episode, he highlights the major benefits of building community from a marketing perspective and the role they play in the world of business.

Questions I ask Mark Schaefer:

  • [2:03] What’s the difference between community and audience/customers?
  • [3:45] Would you say you don’t have community if people aren’t talking to each other?
  • [6:08] Would you say there are very few people that have actually activated a community in the way you’re talking about as a marketing strategy?
  • [8:18] There’s a real hunger nowadays for community wouldn’t you say?
  • [12:01]  You actually introduce a new idea that I hadn’t heard of but it’s the genesis of a business being community-based. That this is actually how it starts as opposed to it being a bolt-on channel – could you talk more about this idea?
  • [14:26] Why do you call this book the last great marketing strategy?
  • [16:32] You suggest that if you don’t start your community with purpose first, you’re doomed to fail right out of the gate. Could you expand on that idea?
  • [19:38] Talk a little bit about the technology aspect of a community from a practical standpoint – how does community management play into this?
  • [22:43] Where can more people learn about your work?

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