Choosing the Right Gift for Your Social Brand

Choosing the Right Gift for Your Social Brand

Choosing the Right Gift for Your Social Brand


The advent of corporate social media accounts has changed branding forever. Now more than ever before, brands can interact directly with customers. This requires an entire corporation to speak with one voice. This brand personality should be memorable for customers in a positive way. It should also be perceived as authentic; 90% of customers want brands that seem real and relatable.

Beyond social media interaction, one way to develop this unique brand identity is through corporate gifting. Be it a way to thank customers for doing business or a birthday present, gifting is a way to show customers they are valued. The right gifts boost word of mouth and keep your brand at the forefront of a customer’s mind. 80% of CEOs believe that gifting creates “positive and measurable” returns on investment.

The best gifts don’t only match up with the customer’s interests. They also reflect well on the brand’s personality. One framework through which to develop a brand’s personality is archetypes. According to famous psychologist Carl Jung, there are 12 major archetypes seen throughout history. By fitting your brand with one, your brand becomes relatable to customers who resonate with that archetype. 

Here is an example of how to line up your brand with both an archetype and a gift. The Jester archetype values enjoyment and fun. A lighthearted gift made for entertaining is right up their alley. A signature game kit with items like dice and playing cards is bound to be a hit for your loyal customers.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype

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