What Employer Branding Is And How To Build It For Your Business

Marketing Podcast with James Ellis

James Ellis, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing podcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview James Ellis. James. James is the principal of Employer Brand Labs in Chicago and is a born employer branding nerd whose mission is to create a million employer brand thinkers. He is an author, keynote speaker, practitioner, and podcaster with a wealth of experience across multiple industries for almost a decade.

Key Takeaway:

No matter the size of your company, you can use an employer brand to your advantage. With it, not only could you be seen as a desirable place for great talent but also gain serious business outcomes – like reducing recruitment costs and shortening search times! In this episode, James Ellis shares his insights on what exactly an employer brand means and how it’s possible to make the most out of yours.

Questions I ask James Ellis:

  • [1:20] What is employer branding and why does it matter?
  • [2:29] Would you go as far as to say a primary marketing message talking about what a great team you have and how great people like to work there, is really not a bad attraction message for customers either is it?
  • [4:46] How does somebody need to start thinking about creating and communicating a positive employer brand?
  • [7:38] Culture and employer branding are the same in a lot of ways – would you say one is just the communication of it in an outward way?
  • [11:46] How do you measure employer branding and what is the ROI?
  • [13:39] Should employer branding be in the marketing department? And how are companies wrestling with marrying marketing, recruiting, and overall branding?
  • [15:50] There are plenty of surveys out there that show that people will take far less money to work in a place that focuses on creating a great ROI – would you ever use that type of argument to get the ROI and practical nature of this?
  • [18:50] I tell people all of the time you have to have a narrow focus on who’s an ideal client, and that means you have to tell some people they’re not an ideal client. Would you suggest to some degree that as a company the same idea applies?
  • [21:06] What has virtual remote work from home done to this dynamic?
  • [23:19] Where can more people connect with you and find out more about your work?

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