Instagram Reveals How To See More Photos In Your Feed

Instagram Reveals How To See More Photos In Your Feed

Instagram Reveals How To See More Photos In Your Feed


Adam Mosseri from the company heads says that photographers need to get more engagement with their Instagram posts.

Having pushed hard on its ‘Reels’ video format throughout 2022, notably at the expense of still images, Instagram has been working on rebalancing its rankings by increasing the prominence of photos on the platform.

In a recently expired Instagram story, I spoke by The Verge, Mosseri reassured users that photos will ‘always be a part of Instagram,’ further admitting that the platform had been “overfocused on video in 2022” and “showed too many videos and not enough photos.”

This will come as welcome news to Instagram’s community of photographers, many of whom have become frustrated at feeling compelled to repurpose their still photo content as Reels in order to maintain visibility on the platform.

This protest posting (which contains some NSFW language and has received over 2,000,000 likes) from Tati Bruening on Instagram, urging Instagram not to reprioritize its photos. It also spawned a petition at with over 330,000 signatures.

Instagram’s latest changes won’t only benefit content creators but consumers too— Mosseri went on to explain how photo fans will be able to nudge Instagram into serving them more photo-based content. As noted by 9To5MacInstagram tracks how frequently users comment on videos and photos to determine which format is most popular in order for them to prioritise their favorite formats in their feeds.

You will see more photos in the feed if you like and comment often. If you’re a photographer on the platform, encourage your followers to do the same. Instagram is likely to get the message, and will show you more of what your want. This will be more powerful than signing a petition.

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