How to Scale a B2B Content Marketing Agency

If you’ve been looking at whether to hire a B2B content marketing agency, we understand that this is a big move. 

However, hiring the right marketing partner for your digital content can save you time and money, while increasing your brand’s visibility and giving your sales department more quality leads. 

We’ll outline the advantages of working with a content marketing agency as well as what you should look for when choosing your partner.

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What is a B2B content marketing agency?

A content marketing agency for B2B companies is a business partner that helps you define your digital marketing goals, develops a plan to achieve those goals, and helps you to implement that plan. 

Unlike B2C content goals, which are more about entertainment and standing out from the competition, B2B goals are usually about gathering qualified leads to help your sales team close more sales. 

Other possible digital marketing goals might include solidifying your brand and establishing your company as an authority in your industry.

While many B2C buying decisions are impulsive, most B2B buying decisions take time and require several contacts with the potential buyer before the sale is completed.

Can spending money with a content marketing agency really save my company money? In most cases, yes. 

When you outsource this function, instead of hiring a full-time digital marketing team with benefits and taxes, you’ll often end up doing better in the short run. What’s more, by increasing your website viewers, your inquiries, and your leads, you’ll likely boost your bottom line.

There are many good reasons to partner with a B2B content marketing agency, in addition to saving you time and money.

Learn more about what a content marketing agency does in this YouTube video:

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Does content marketing work for B2B?

Content marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing for B2B companies. 

It works by building trust between potential buyers and your company and by promoting your business as an authority in your field. 

Since most B2B companies are niche businesses, content marketing also allows you to target your specific audience without wasting marketing dollars promoting your products and services to those who will never have any need for them.

What does a B2B content marketing agency do?

A content marketing agency will deliver quality content in a variety of formats, such as written, video, and illustrations, as well as make sure that the content is well-optimized for good search engine results. 

They may also provide services such as SEO analysis, social media marketing, and email marketing. 

Your content marketing team aims to make your content visible and attractive to potential customers and to help your content gather well-qualified leads for your sales team.

How much does a B2B marketing agency cost?

There’s no set answer to how much a B2B marketing agency will cost. 

The answer depends on the size of your company and what services you want the agency to handle. In addition, some agencies charge by the hour (usually in the $150 to $200/hour range), while others charge by the service. 

Most agencies require a retainer that will be drawn on to cover the cost of the work they do for your company.

Is a B2B content marketing agency worth the cost?

For most companies, the answer is yes. 

Not only does working with an agency save your company the cost of hiring a full-time content marketing professional (or two), but it helps you to increase your well-qualified leads, allowing you to get more from each marketing dollar. 

Since the digital marketing world is evolving so quickly, hiring an outside agency also allows you to stay current with best SEO practices without spending a fortune in time and money on training.

Successful content marketing with WriterAccess

For B2B companies to be successful at content marketing today, you have to do more than simply post quality content. 

Although good, informative content is still important, you also need a well-defined and cohesive marketing plan that supports your brand and helps to garner trust among your readers and potential buyers.

WriterAccess can help you realize your content marketing goals. 

We have a well-vetted team of more than 15,000 writers and editors who can produce quality content on a huge range of subjects. 

However, that’s just the beginning. Our dedicated content team will ensure that your content stays on brand and supports your marketing goals. 

We’ll also make sure your content is well-optimized for search engines, so your content will be seen by the maximum number of your niche readers.

We’ve been helping B2B companies like yours for more than a decade, and have produced more than two million projects for our clients with a near-perfect (99.97%) success rate. 

We’d like to show you how WriterAccess can transform your content marketing and help you gather more qualified leads for your sales department and boost your brand. We make it easy and affordable to get started. To take advantage of our free two-week trial period, visit WriterAccess today.

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