15 of the Best A/B Testing Tools for 2023

Every company has a unique set of customers, so there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for designing an optimal website, crafting the most compelling copy, or building the most effective product.

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This is where A/B testing tools come in, where you can use them to test and optimize your website or app design, copy, product, and, most importantly, create an experience tailored to customer needs. Read on to discover high-quality A/B testing tools that will help you discover what your unique set of customers prefers. Free Download: A/B Testing Guide and Kit

What makes a great A/B testing tool?

Before we jump into the top A/B testing tools, let’s talk about the features you should look for in an A/B testing tool. Look out for: 

  • A/B Tests: The tool should, as a baseline, offer A/B testing. Some have additional capabilities, so consider what else is offered if you’re looking for a more inclusive tool. 

  • Required Skills: Some tools require technical knowledge to build and launch tests, while others have easy-to-use builders for any ability. Some offer both but make sure your tool supports your skillset. 

  • Segmentation Capabilities: Your A/B test tool should offer segmentation and targeting abilities to target your preferred audience groups. 

  • Statistical Analysis and Reporting: The significance of your test results is an essential part of your test, so you want the tool you use to calculate the significance of your results and provide other metrics like ROI and CRO. 

  • Testing Options: You want the tool you use to offer client or server-side testing, depending on your needs. 

    • If you’re running more complex tests and will make code-based changes, you’ll want the tool to support server-side testing.

    • If you’re running less complex tests for something like page layout, you’ll want client-side testing

  • Integrations: Your preferred tool should sync with the software and tools you already use to ensure a seamless process. 

Beyond that, all tests should be flicker-free, meaning there is no lag in load time that can affect your visitors’ user experience on your site. Below we’ll go over 15 of the best A/B testing tools, their capabilities, and a standout feature that helps you pick a tool that works best for you and your needs.

1. HubSpot & Kissmetrics’ A/B Testing Kit [Featured Tool]

Price: Free

Don’t know where to start with A/B testing? This tool may be just what you need.

a/b testing tool from HubSpotDownload the kit for free to get started with A/B testing in your business. 

HubSpot’s A/B test tracking template is a how-to guide for instruction and inspiration in an easy-to-use spreadsheet, so you don’t need to make complex code changes or calculations. And it comes with a statistical significance calculator to help you understand if your tests were wins, losses, or inconclusive. 

It’s ideal for businesses just getting started with A/B testing or for companies that need a way to track their existing tests.

2. Google Optimize

Price: Free

Google Optimize, part of Google Marketing Platform, offers tools to help you improve your website and create personalized experiences for your audience segments. 

a/b testing-tool: Google Optimize

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What we like: It’s natively integrated with Google Analytics, helping you seamlessly learn about your experiments and the most effective tests. 

Key Criteria:
  • A/B, multivariate, and split URL testing. A/B, multivariate, and split URL testing. 

  • Easy to use no-code visual editor, but developers can use a more sophisticated code editor if needed. 

  • Customize your tests based on your visitor requirements and user attributes. 

  • Bayesian statistics to calculate significance and in-depth analytics explain your test performance and processes. 

  • Flicker-free client-side testing and server-side is available for more complex projects.

  • Integrations with other Google solutions like Analytics, Google Ads, Firebase, and AMP.

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3. Freshmarketer

Price: Starts at $19/month for A/B testing features

Freshmarketer is a powerful tool to test, target, and validate your experiments and track revenue. 

a/b testing tool freshmarketer

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What we like: Session replays give you unique views into how individual users interact with your website, helping you to identify problem areas and design A/B tests to better meet customer needs. 

Key Criteria: 
  • Conduct A/B and split tests. 
  • Use an intuitive editor to create different versions of your website easily, or use advanced coding modules to build more complex tests. 
  • Design experiments for custom audience segments. 
  • Detailed reports show conversions over time, revenue tracking for each version, and the significance level achieved with your tests. Heatmaps also offer unique insight into visitor behavior. 
  • Client and server-side testing. 
  • Integrations with 3rd party tools.

Web Testing Tools

4. VWO

Price: Contact for pricing

VWO is an A/B testing and conversion rate optimization tool for enterprise brands. 

a/b testing tools - vmo

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What we like: VWO has powerful integrations that allow you to push data into your external tools to connect your platforms and streamline your processes. 

Key Criteria: 

5. Optimizely

Price: Contact for pricing

Optimizely is a digital experimentation platform for enterprise marketing, product, and engineering teams. 

optimizely testing example

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What we like: Optimizely’s standout feature is the ability to run unlimited concurrent experiments, ensuring you’re always testing and iterating to create the most powerful customer experience. 

Key Criteria: 
  • Run powerful A/B and multi-page experiments. 
  • Build your experiments with a visual editor, no in-depth coding or developer required. 
  • Customize your experiment segments with key factors like location or customer demographics. 
  • Optimizely Stats Engine runs statistical confidence analysis and gives detailed reports on the results of your experiments. 
  • Use synchronous timing to run flicker-free experiments on the client side, or use Optimizely Full Stack to run server-side tests. 
  • Integrate with your preferred tools.

6. Omniconvert

Price: Starts at $167/month

Omniconvert is a CRO platform with an A/B testing tool to run tests on desktop, mobile, and tablet. It’s best for ecommerce businesses. 

a/b testing tool omniconvertImage Source

Key Criteria:
  • Run A/B tests to see how site visitors interact with different elements of your site on the devices your audiences use. 
  • Easily create and modify your tests with your preferred coding language, or use a visual editor to create tests without needing a developer.
  • Choose from 40 pre-set segmentations (like traffic source or geolocation) to target your preferred segments. 
  • Learn the statistical relevance of your tests using Frequentist or Bayesian statistics. 
  • Client-side testing. 
  • Integrate with your preferred tools.

7. Crazy Egg

Pricing: Starts at $24/month

Crazy Egg is a website optimization software that helps you easily test variations of your site pages with a single snippet of code. Its cost makes it ideal for small businesses.

a/b testing tool  - crazy egg

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What we like: Its Snapshots feature gives you a side-by-side comparison of your detailed reports to learn how your changes and optimizations compare. 

Key Criteria:
  • Build A/B and split tests for your website, landing pages, product pages, and more. 
  • Use the test creator to quickly and easily build your tests. 
  • In-depth reporting helps you learn about the results of your tests, like Confetti Report to understand clicks and Heatmaps to learn where visitors focus their attention. 
  • Flicker-free client-side testing.
  • Integrates with your preferred apps and tools.

8. AB Tasty

Price: Contact for pricing

AB Tasty’s conversion rate optimization software helps your teams build and run A/B tests, split tests, multivariate tests, and funnel tests. 

best a/b testing rools: ab tasty


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What we like: You can set goals for your experiments, so your data reports help you focus on the exact conclusions you’re looking for. 

Key Criteria:
  • Conduct A/B, split, and multivariate tests, as well as multi-page testing. 
  • No code and low code visual editors to build your tests. 
  • Create unique experiments for any subset of your audience or choose from pre-configured templates. 
  • Bayesian statistics to calculate the significance of your results in an ROI analytics dashboard. 
  • Client-side testing.
  • Integrates with your existing analytics tools.

9. Convert

Price: Starts at $599/month

Convert is a testing and web personalization software with high-quality experiment tools. It’s best for agencies and CRO experts. 

a/b testing tool - convert

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What we like: 40+ audience segments available in a drag-and-drop builder so you can ensure you target the exact audience you want. 

Key Criteria:
  • A/B testing, split testing, multivariate testing, and multipage tests. 
  • Code free visual editor makes it easy to start your experiments, and tech-savvy users can use the advanced code editor. 
  • 40+ audience segments included in a drag-and-drop builder for custom audience targeting. 
  • In-depth insight into your tests CRO, ROI, AOV, and result significance is calculated with Frequentist statistics. 
  • Flicker-free client-side testing and server-side testing is available in beta mode.
  • 90+ integrations.

10. Adobe Target

Price: Contact for pricing

Testing your website is essential, but what if you have other channels you want to test? Adobe Target helps you do exactly that.

best a/b testing tools: adobe target

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Key Criteria:
  • A/B and multivariate testing for images, copy, and UI, and run test variations across the web or mobile apps, IoT, and single page apps. 
  • Set up tests using a guided workflow, or savvy developers can use the advanced code editor. 
  • Develop personalized customer profiles for experimental targeting. 
  • Reports for key metrics like ROI and revenue, and significance is calculated with Frequentist methods. 
  • Client and server-side testing, flicker-free.
  • Various third-party integrations.

11. Kameleoon

Price: Contact for pricing

Kameleoon helps you build web experiments to learn more about your audience groups and what experiences they prefer. 

best a/b testing tools: kameleoon

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Key Criteria:
  • Unlimited A/B testing. 
  • Smart graphics editor helps non-tech users build impressive tests, but a code editor is available for developers. 
  • Import audience segments from the tools you already use or select from 45+ native targeting criteria to launch tests. 
  • A results dashboard displays statistical significance using Bayesian or Frequentist statistics. 
  • Flicker free experiments on the client side, or use Kameleoon Hybrid to run server-side tests.
  • 30+ integrations.

12. Convertize

Price: Starts at $59/month

Convertize helps you design A/B tests to learn the most about your audiences and maximize conversions. 

best a/b testing tools: convertize

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What we like: A library of 150 A/B testing ideas to choose from, which is beneficial for those not sure where to get started or simply looking for inspiration. 

Key Criteria:

  • A/B testing to compare the performance of two versions of a page. 
  • SmartEditor makes it easy to create experiments with no coding required. 
  • Personalize your test audiences by segments and key behavior. 
  • In-depth reports for conversion rate and ROI, and the Hybrid Statistics Engine uses Frequentist and Bayesian statistics to calculate the significance of your results. 
  • Lightening Mode avoids flickering during client-side testing. 
  • Integrations available

13. Zoho PageSense

Price: Starts at $20/month

Zoho PageSense is an affordable solution to learning about your site visitors’ behavior and preferences, so you can build personalized experiences.

best a/b testing tools: zoho pagesense

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What we like: Zoho PageSense’s forecasting tool estimates conversion rate trends for each of your variations so you can make changes and updates before tests are completed.

Key Criteria:
  • A/B and split URL testing. 
  • Edit your website’s mobile, desktop, and tablet versions with an easy-to-use visual editor. 
  • Choose from pre-set audience segments or customize your own to target audiences and learn what works best for specific visitors. 
  • A detailed reporting dashboard guides you through test performance and automatically calculator significance using Frequentist or Bayesian statistics. 
  • Asynchronous code snippet for flicker-free client-side experiments and server-side testing is also available. 
  • Third-party integrations available

Mobile and App Testing Tools

14. Apptimize

Price: Contact for pricing 

Apptimize is a high-powered tool that helps you experiment with your audiences and make choices that maximize engagement and revenue. 

best a/b testing tools: apptimize

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What we like: It’s built for application and mobile device testing, meaning that its tools are ready to help you create high-quality mobile A/B tests. 

Key Criteria:

  • A/B testing for iOS and Android devices. 
  • WYSIWYG editor helps non-technical users build A/B experiments; developers can use a code builder. 
  • Segmentation tools help you target your preferred audience segments. 
  • Robust reporting helps you learn the effectiveness of your tests and what resonates most with your audiences. 
  • Client and server-side testing and an anti-flicker code snippet reduces flickering. 
  • Integrations with analytics tools. 

15. Oracle Maxymiser

Price: Contact for pricing

Oracle Maxymiser helps you conduct advanced website testing to ensure you create the most effective websites and mobile apps for converting users. 

best a/b testing tools: oracle maxymiser

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Key Criteria:

  • A/B and multivariate website and mobile testing. 
  • Visual editor makes it easy for non-technical users to set up and experiment with a single line of code. 
  • Create custom audience profiles for effective segmentation. 
  • Insights help you learn more about clicks, conversions, and the effectiveness of your experiments. 
  • Client-side campaigns to deliver your flicker-free tests or server-side testing for more significant tests.
  • Integrations available.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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