Holidays Treats And Meals That Social Media Users Just Love

The holiday season is here, that means it’s time to party. Social media is a great place to find these recipes, treats and other foodie items.

1. Christmas Piecake from GoldBelly

The Holiday Pack combines many of the most popular cakes together. There’s red velvet cake, chocolate pecan, and even eggnog cheesecake. It’s a massive, fun cake for celebrating with family during the holidays.

2. Get Maine Lobster — Lobster Tail

It is large enough for at least 2 people. It is simple to cook the 24 ounce lobster tail.

3. Churchill’s Steakhouse Ribeye Prime Steak Gift Box

This is just a taste of the great things that are to come. This quality product is meant for sharing with the whole family.

4. Harry and David Glazed to Carve Ham Meal

The Harry and David Glazed Ham Meal is a great holiday package. It includes both a ham (which looks like a pancake) and an apple galette. This allows you to serve your guests a delicious meal with minimal effort. All the ingredients are ready for you to use.

5. Cream + Sugar Peppermint Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Many holiday desserts are heavy and full of calories. These ice cream sandwiches are smaller and less decadent, served in between two cookies.

6. SusieCakes Holiday Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake

This holiday cake makes a wonderful gift for the holidays. This six-inch cake features Merry Christmas written on the top. It also includes a matchbox and a candle.

7. Mrs Prindables Christmas Reindeer Caramel Apple Gift set

It’s a great gift package, and it doesn’t cost a lot. You get four caramel apples (2 triple and 2 toffee walnut), as well chocolate-covered oreos (and wrapped caramels).

8. Omaha Steaks Joyful Holiday Assortment

This holiday package from Omaha Steaks is one of my favorites. It includes boneless chicken cuts and ribeye steaks as well as burgers. To add festive cheer, the Pumpkin Maple Bundt Cookies are a great addition.

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