Running Out Of Ideas For TikTok? Check Out Their New Audience Insights Tools

Marketers love data and TikTok is providing it in detail with their new Audience Insights Tools. You can now dig deeper into your audience and what they’re watching to help you generate ideas and better structure your campaigns.

The new tools provide you with a range of demographics, including age demographics from 18-24, right up to 55+, gender splits, interest categories, hashtag interactions, and more. You can even see device information, including an estimate of the device’s cost.

Most people can find this new data in their TikTok Ads Manager, under Reporting, and Audience Insights, though for some, it’s under Insights and then Audience Insights. TikTok goes into detail on how to use the new tools in their help article: About Audience Insights.

But what does this mean for marketers and why should you care? According to TikTok, these tools are “to help advertisers better understand their audiences on TikTok”, which can only be a good thing. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Nail Your Audience

With so much demographic information on hand, you will get a clearer picture of your audience.

In addition to age, location, and gender split information, these tools allow you to explore your audience’s interests. You can see what their interests are with Interest Categories, such as pets or games. You can also see which creators they’ve followed in specific topic categories by looking at Creator Interactions. Video Interactions will show you what videos they’ve watched in different categories.

You can then build up a far more detailed and solid picture of the people that make up your audience. And you might find that there are new categories in the mix that you didn’t expect, leading you to find possible new audiences to market to.

Not only is this data useful for advertising on TikTok, but it can inform your buyer personas for your general marketing strategy.

Generate Ideas

From the amount of information available about what your audience wants to see, you’ll easily be able to generate new ideas. If you look at what videos people are interested in, the categories and topics they keep exploring, and the hashtags they are using, you should be able to come up with endless ideas.

Take the time to experiment and use different filters to see what insights you can find into what your audience likes and how you can give it to them.

Hit the Bullseye With Targeting

The new demographics and details available should leave you with no problems targeting your audience with not only the right content and advertising, but in the right way and at the right time.

You’ll please your audience, which will give you better results, and you’ll waste less of your marketing budget on things that are never going to work for you.

Now you can plan your campaigns with accurate data and target them far more closely to your audience than you could before.

Create Detailed Reports

Every marketer has to spend time creating reports. With new campaigns, they sometimes have to convince their boss or the board that their ideas will work.

The new Audience Insights Tools make it easy to create reports with real data to back up your ideas.

All you need to do is click “Export All” in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard and you can send all the data you want straight to Microsoft Excel. And you can easily edit it once you’ve downloaded it.

Caveat Emptor

So far, everything sounds great, doesn’t it? However, before you rely too heavily on TikTok’s new tools, take note that there are some limitations.

TikTok states quite clearly that “The accuracy of such insights may vary with the information provided. In using or relying on such insights when planning your campaign, you agree that these estimates are not a guarantee of results,” and “Audience Insights provides aggregated information about TikTok users that have been active within the last 30 days and is not based on campaign-level information.”

Yes, you get a lot of data, but don’t rely on it to be completely accurate. Use it as an overview, a guide of trends, hashtags, and ideas, but not something that will give you pinpoint accurate data.

As long as you bear that in mind, then you should get a great deal out of the new tools.

Instead of guessing what your approach should be on TikTok, these new insights should allow you to solidify your approach based on real data. This will give you a better chance of providing content that your audience will love, creating ads that really work, and attracting people into your sales funnel, all without blowing your budget. Are these new Audience Insights Tools worth using? I’d say so.

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