Elon Musk Reinstated Donald Trump On Twitter. Now The Real Drama Begins

Technology is changing everything you thought you knew.

Donald Trump was reinstated on Twitter last night, which seemed like a safe bet since Elon Musk’s controversial poll.

The former President “rocked the vote” and was a significant favorite among Twitter usersMost of them voted for Musk because they believe in him.

It is an enormous shift that has many facets.

The next election season will be impacted greatly by Trump’s reinstatement. The social media landscape could be drastically altered by it, with Twitter becoming something we do not recognize. It’s also a major technological shift, one that could have ripple effects beyond social media and create division across more and more apps.

Here’s why this is a serious issue. A major Silicon Valley firm that once employed thousands was right at the center of innovation — it’s probably housed on your smartphone even if you don’t use it — and impacted not only elections but wars, debates, revenue, click traffic, and much more for the last decade. Say what you will about Twitter and any lost relevance, it’s still a major icon of technology.

We’ve heard all about the rocky start to Elon Musk’s tenure running this beleaguered social app, right down to the hints of bankruptcy and mass firings. It’s a dumpster fire, and some of us are watching as Musk throws more logs into the inferno.

That’s one small part of what is happening.

This must be seen for the true value it is.

For starters, Twitter won’t ever be the same. Even if Trump tweets, it doesn’t really matter. Instead, Trump’s return to Twitter could be a sign of the future. The rumblings are already evident.

Twitter is becoming more open source and less viable as an established Silicon Valley business or icon for innovation. Twitter 2.0, my prediction, will create a further polarization in tech markets and affect how people view technology. I’m not saying it will lose impact and maybe Twitter 2.0 will be viable, but Trump on Twitter means even more division.

We’ve seen this before. Parler has 20 million users, but it’s obviously meant for one side of the aisle. Mastodon, a minor app with 1 million users, might get some traction but has much to do. I hope some of these new apps make an impact, and I’ll keep tracking how they are doing, but they are minor blips.

Twitter, which is just below Facebook, is the most mainstream technology platform. Everybody knows. With this shift, we’re seeing a divide between world views, political stances, and cultural understanding.

If Twitter only appeals to a certain crowd, watch out — we could be dealing with this problem for the next decade, even outside of social media.

Is it possible?

I’d like to suggest that it could take just one tweet. Trump could be the last straw for entire segments of the population if he decides to use Twitter again. Don’t forget Truth Social. Don’t bother comparing Twitter to other social media apps. Your neighbor might mention Trump’s return to Twitter if he/she sees you at the drive-thru. I doubt you’ll hear much about Parler or Mastodon.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope Twitter 2.0 doesn’t divide us. It should actually unify us.

Down here in the trenches, also known as “reality” — it doesn’t look good.

There will be more division.

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