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Jay Baer

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jay Baer. Jay is a customer experience and digital marketing pioneer, expert, advisor, researcher, and analyst. Jay has written 6 best-selling books and founded 5, multi-million dollar companies. His very popular twice-monthly newsletter is at

Key Takeaway:

How fast is fast enough for today’s demanding consumers? Your customers are deciding to buy from you today (and every day) based on how fast you are (or aren’t). In this episode, I talk with Jay Baer, a customer experience and digital marketing expert, about his latest study: Time To Win. This national study of more than 1,900 consumers is a deep dive into the critical correlation between speed and customer satisfaction, loyalty, purchase propensity, and more.

Questions I ask Jay Baer:

  • [2:01] What was the methodology for The Time To Win research study?
  • [3:10] Is the major hypothesis here that the faster you can respond the better?
  • [4:11] So I call businesses today and I find myself giving them a pass because I know it’s hard to get help today – are you suggesting that I’m an outlier with this mindset?
  • [5:01] How do you see the differences in the need for speed in your communication with new prospects that are coming in via lead gen and with those who are already existing customers?
  • [7:18] Is there a specific response time number you should respond in?
  • [11:54] What generation was the least patient generation?
  • [12:59] The typical small business owners are out there saying they have so many channels to keep up with to respond to clients, customers, or prospects and that it is hard to keep up – who’s got time for all of that?
  • [14:23] Could you also make the leap and say you could charge more if you responded faster?
  • [16:05] Do you run the risk of that being off-putting?
  • [17:08] Does speed fall into the building trust?
  • [19:19] What role does automating speed play?

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