Introducing Season 2 of Small Business, Big Lessons

We encounter a lot of incredible small businesses regularly at Buffer. Last year, we had the chance to highlight eight of them in season one of a new Buffer original series — Small Business, Big Lessons.

We’re happy to share that the series is back! So start listening to Small Business, Big Lessons Season 2 wherever you get your podcasts. We’ll release a new episode every Tuesday for the next six weeks.

In this series, we’re bringing you business stories like you’ve never heard before. We’re going behind the scenes with inspirational small businesses to explore how they’re questioning the best ways to build a business and uncover the big lessons we can learn from their journeys so far.

This series includes interviews with:

Last season, we heard from innovative entrepreneurs using their businesses to redefine how great work happens.

This season, we’ll hear from innovative small business owners building communities, turning down big money, and proving it’s possible to build a successful business while doing good along the way. We’ll talk to an incredible group of entrepreneurs who prove that you can run a successful small business on your terms.

You’ll hear uplifting and inspiring stories from a new group of incredible business owners and a few familiar voices from season one, and you’ll gain insight from us here at Buffer.

Be sure to subscribe to Small Business, Big Lessons wherever you get your podcasts, and you’ll be the first to hear about new episodes as soon as they’re released.

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