Easier ways for brands to manage suitability across Google

Bringing increased efficiency across Google

Our multi-year investments in policies, advertiser guidelines and product features are based on our commitment to protect our viewers, creators and advertisers. When YouTube became the first digital platform to receive content-level brand safety accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC), it was a testament to the investments we’ve made in responsibility, YouTube’s top priority.

We have ensured that YouTube advertising meets 99% effectiveness for brand safety across in-stream, livestream, Shorts and Watch Next & Home feed content. We automatically exclude content not aligned with our requirements from appearing alongside ads. Our progress in brand safety has positioned us to now double down with increased investments in our gold-standard suitability offerings — not just for YouTube, but across Google.

Suitability settings work on top of our brand safety systems to give you more control over the content surrounding your ads — content that, while in compliance with our policies, may not resonate with your unique brand values.

“Giving advertisers and agencies control over where their ads show up has been a tangible goal for all of us in GARM (the Global Alliance for Responsible Media),” says Robert Rakowitz, Initiative Lead, GARM. “These new first-party features really help ad buyers in that they are aligned with industry standards, they bring in more formats across all of Google, and make suitability control management easier to manage across markets and brands. We’re excited to see the broader Google organization introduce these new features which add increased transparency and control.”

The content suitability center is the first of many improvements to come, allowing advertisers to more easily control the environments they want to be in and to reap the benefits of improved campaign performance. We’ll have more to share in the coming months to help you continue to align with what works best for your brand identity and navigate the growing landscape of content.

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