4 Brands On Snapchat That Are Doing Great Marketing Campaigns

When I said I was going to write about Snapchat, a friend asked me: “Do people still use Snapchat?” Well, according to the company’s third quarter 2022 earnings report, they reported 363 million daily active users in the period, an increase of 57 million, or 19% year-over-year.

Yes! Maybe you weren’t prepared for this news? That’s probably because of this feeling that we are at the end of the social network hype. Well, brands that are based on guesswork tend to miss opportunities to generate business. So you should stay informed!

As Snapchat grows, some companies are benefiting from great Marketing campaigns on the platform. The idea of ​​this article is precisely to inspire you with a list of examples of actions taken by those who are doing a good job on Snapchat.

4 brands nailing Snapchat

Netflix and Artificial Intelligence

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? This is my favorite case of making good use of Snapchat’s augmented reality features.

In 2017, the streaming company recreated Joyce Byers’ living room using the first 3D World Lens. The announcement put users of the social network and fans of the series directly in the upside-down world. Is it creepy?

In fact, according to Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel, AI is one of the company’s strategic priorities: “This quarter, we took steps to further focus our business on our three strategic priorities: grow our community and deepen their engagement with our products, re-accelerate and diversify our revenue growth, and invest in augmented reality.”

WOW Airlines Stories

It’s great when the company has the best product to go viral. WOW Airlines is one such case. The company promoted the “Best Job in the World” campaign where it offered an incredible trip to the winner of a contest.

To participate in the contest, you had to record a two-minute Stories via Snapchat and then send the video along with the entry.

The campaign went viral, generated ten million views on the brand’s social networks and broke the brand’s share record: 1.4 million.

The summer also yielded content for WOW networks produced by the four winners of the contest. I don’t know a better way to combine the benefits of your product with a digital media strategy.

Dunkin’ Donuts Filters

It seems obvious to use social media filters to do Marketing campaigns, but Dunkin’ Donuts was able to combine this obviousness with influencer Marketing, local Marketing and social media.

In addition to appropriating the National Donut Day, the company created the geofilter that could only be accessed while in one of the stores or through the “Snap to Unlock” functionality (QR codes).

In addition to luring customers into stores, the festive day and strategies with influencers brought ten times more followers to their networks than normal days.

Sprite’s Snapcode

Sprite was present in Brazil with the “RFRSH na lata!” (RFRSH in the can) campaign. The brand used snapcode to engage and bring audiences to social media: two million views were generated.

Snapchat is all about visual connection and is the #1 app for creating ephemeral content (which is only available for a certain period of time). Among the content formats explored are snaps, stories and filters. Learn the best way to explore this tool!

And for your brand, does this social network make sense? Know that these brands took a long time to produce campaigns that are really interesting for their audiences. If you want to succeed on Snapchat you will have to invest in quality.

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