‘Victoria’s Secret’ Singer Jax Thinks Outside The Box On Social Media

Pop singer-songwriter Jackie Miskanic – known professionally as Jax – finished third on the 14th season of American IdolThe show launched her career. Her ode “Victoria’s Secret” to body positivity, which she filmed using social media this summer, was her first Billboard Hot 100 chart entry. A flash mob video was also shot outside the store where she sang the song. This attracted the attention of the company mentioned.

Within days of posting the video to YouTube – where it has been seen 4.5 million times to date – Jax even received a letter from Victoria’s Secret CEO Amy Hauk, who said the 26-year-old singer had addressed “important issues.”

The June release of the single earned it praise from many stars. The song specifically calls out Victoria’s Secret founder Leslie Wexner and her former CEO, Victoria’s Secret, for making money off young women and contributing to their poor body image. Jax stated she composed the song to help address her body problems head-on for a babysitter.

Jax used social media to spread the message and promote the song. She wasn’t surprised Victoria’s Secret responded with the lyrics.

“It should’ve come way sooner!” Jax shared her thoughts via email from her promotions team. “I am not the only one who has spoken out about this stuff.” It shouldn’t be necessary to have a check mark in order for a company to pay attention. Their attention was drawn to the huge amount of support they received and their personal stories that were shared by thousands. The message reached many people, who spoke up. The company will find out if they actually did hear it.

The pop singer also added that this isn’t really about a single corporation either, and suggested it was intended to be a metaphor that helped convey a message about the bigger evil: marketing toward people’s insecurities — especially young women.

Jax stated, “This was just me telling girls, boys and kids my personal story. That you are beautiful. And you shouldn’t compare your body with what you see in media.” Most of what you see on the internet is fake, and was created in some conference room by some dude. This is manipulative and not true. “I hate it when someone loses their self-worth, while somebody else makes a lot of it.

It should be noted too that a year ago, the Victoria’s Secret brand began a new direction — one that included replacing all the men on the board of directors, with the exception of CEO Martin Waters, were replaced by women. In addition, the traditional Victoria’s Secrets Angles were replaced by the likes of “LGBTQIA+ activist” Megan Rapinoe, plus-size model and “body advocate” Paloma Elsesser, and transgender swimsuit model Valentina Sampaio. However, this summer’s song still has served to further bring body awareness issues into the spotlight.

Flash Mob is Viral

The pop singer didn’t expect that her flash mob video, filmed earlier this year, would be seen millions of times, and said that she is always shocked by the response some of her online posts – on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube – often receive.

This one was especially amazing because so many people began sharing their stories about eating disorders and body dysmorphia. She added that it really hit a nerve.

This video is less than three minutes long and was shot outside Victoria’s Secret. It also featured a flash mob.

Jax stated, “I had been thinking of how great it would have to bring back flash mobs.” Flash mobs were once so much fun that they kinda vanished. I called a dancer and explained my plans to him. “I want to showcase as many bodies as I can in just three minutes.”

Jax learned all the moves in two days. There was only a short amount of practice time so the videos were filmed quickly. It’s hard to believe, she said. “I still smile so hard thinking about it – not to mention it was like group therapy talking with all the dancers. “I didn’t realize how many people with eating disorders go through their whole lives. The rehearsal was a great opportunity to share our stories.”

To connect with your fans, use social media

Social media is used by many singers today to not only share their songs but also to allow fans to interact with the artist.

Before you could follow your favorite artists, it was necessary to watch an interview or read a document. Jax stated that you now can go along on the journey. TikTok allowed me reach a wider audience. Stories are loved by people and that’s what TikTok is all about. It’s possible to follow the journey of someone and, in turn know where they are coming from.”

The platform has allowed Jax to share her heartbreak, such as how she used it for healing from a broken relationship. Jax said that the platforms allowed her to bring some of the baggage into the normal – “stuff” she would normally never consider talking about.

According to the singer, “Talking over these topics helps build a dialogue with people from all walks and life.” It’s almost like a big therapy group that all of us (including me) benefit from.

Social media and pop music are now so connected that artists have a new way to interact with their fans. Jax stated that TikTok has become an app that encourages authentic creativity. Jax, a recording artist signed by Sony Music, still uses TikTok for song testing to determine if the songs “hit home”.

Jax stated, “It enabled me to finally being my goofy awkward selves and not some industry-made up persona.” This is why the app is so beloved. Users scroll past all the BS. Now a child can record a 30 second song in their bedroom and get it heard by 3 million people within minutes. This is a fantastic time to be an artist, because it’s only one click away from your fans.

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