New tools to create more engaging ads

Today’s consumer has much higher expectations for the platforms they engage with online. They expect content that’s rich, visual, and allows for quick access to what they’re looking for – and that applies to the ads they see, too. Ad extensions such as sitelinks and image extensions have been key to meeting this expectation quickly and at scale. Powered by Google’s machine learning, they make it easier for you to automatically give consumers more relevant and engaging ways to interact with your business.

We’ve seen that this works: on average, advertisers see a 20% increase in clickthrough rate when 4 sitelinks show with their Search ads, and a 10% increase in clickthrough rate when image extensions show with their mobile Search ads.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to deliver more engaging ads and provide you with helpful, actionable information about their performance. That’s why we’re rolling out new workflows and reports that bring ad extensions and assets together. As a result of this change, ad extensions will now be called assets to better align with this evolved identity.

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