Why Does Anyone Actually Believe These Social Media Nanny Requirements Are Real?

It’s August middle, which means that back-to-school is just around the corner. Thus, it isn’t surprising that some parents are now actively looking for a nanny or child care worker – and many have found that social media can be a good place to connect with candidates.

But, his Facebook post for a babysitter was the most extreme. Although the account information of the original poster were not revealed, it appears that the requirements were far beyond anything anyone would expect from a professional nanny.

We need to rehire a nanny as school is about to start again. These requirements must be read. You need to have a master’s degree or higher so that our 5-yo and 7-yo will be intellectually challenged. (No, your “bachelor of english” doesn’t mean you’re smart! Sorry!) For our children to be able to maintain their activity level, they must be between the ages of 24-28 and 29 years old. And please plan to have your own housing, don’t assume you will be staying with us Yes, we have extra room, but the privilege is earned, not assumed. You will need to be available from 7am-8:30am, 3:00pm-6:00pm on weekdays and $18 per day. Plan to bring “snacks” or other food for the kiddos as our cabinets will be locked during the day while we work. As we don’t keep such things at home, you should also bring any educational material like workbooks. Thanks!

The virality of this video was instantaneous on Thursday. NumerousCommenting that the job requirements were excessively high, A second, more extreme post was noted that seemed even stranger.

The job description stated that a bachelor’s degree was not required. However, the requirement for the child care assistant position included a Bachelor’s Degree or 9 years relevant experience. The parent also demanded that there be no tattoos. No drugs. No alcohol. You must not engage in any sketchy behavior on social media and/or public photographs.”

On social media, many users wondered what sort of person would be expecting such criteria from a nanny. It is actually the hilarious reactions that make this all funny.

Real? Real?

A search across Facebook, and other sites have failed to find actually who originally posted these job listings – so the authenticity can’t be verified. Even if the jobs were genuine, they still look like pure comedy and are likely to comment on the current state of America’s labor market.

While the first post requires that children are intellectually disabled, it’s riddled with grammar errors. The $18 per day salary is a laugh, particularly since the candidate must bring and pay for “snacks”, for their children. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that child care workers earn an average of $13.22/hour as of May 20, 2021. It is clear that few would want to work at $3 an hour.

The second post also reads like a parody of an affluent MAGA follower – the type of person who demands a Native English speaker yet will make payment for service under the table.

It is true that many people post unreasonable demands when looking for nanny/babysitter via the internet. These recent posts are convincing because they mock people who want cheap help.

This was a good joke considering the global state of affairs.

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