The Rising Importance Of Images In Google Search

Marketing Podcast with Mike Blumenthal

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mike Blumenthal. Mike is the Co-founder and Analyst at Near Media where he researches and reports on reputation, reviews, and local search. Today, he also provides Local consulting to a range of businesses, big and small, across the SMB and SAAS marketplaces. Mike is assisting, an online professional photographic marketplace, with pivoting to the local marketing space and helping them bring the power of photography to every business located in the US and Canada.

Key Takeaway:

Google is emphasizing images more and more in search. AI and machine learning are helping drive Google’s incredible understanding of what is in an image. In this episode, I talk with Mike Blumenthal about the technology behind visual elements in search, the role that images play today in search, and how and why you should be using images in search to your advantage.

Questions I ask Mike Blumenthal:

  • [1:51] What’s the growing importance of images in search?
  • [3:21] Are you suggesting that images are also important for things not quite as clearly defined as products?
  • [4:45] What can search engines know about images now and how has that changed?
  • [6:19] What do you say to the business owner that doesn’t like that Google shows competitor products in search?
  • [7:55] Would you say that the visual elements of a typical blog post today are sending information to Google that adds to the search component and gives certain ranking signals?
  • [11:33] Is there a relationship between visual search and voice and text?
  • [12:40] What’s the role of AI in all of this?
  • [14:21] Are you suggesting that somebody could take three pictures that they are thinking about using for something and use a tool that would say this is actually the best picture from a Google understanding or from an optimization standpoint?
  • [16:52] Where is augmented reality with images?
  • [22:32] Where can people connect with you?

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