How Social Media Influenced Maximus Fay To Become A Trading Entrepreneur

Let’s face it, if you scroll through any sort of social media, you’ll come across someone living their best life, making seven figures off of their media based ventures. These people have sparked global entrepreneurs’ wild imaginations. Maximus Fay is a recently graduated high school student. Maximus Fay’s passion and consistent work was what set him apart from the rest of this group. Maximus was only in this space for 2 years. However, in those two years, he has created several businesses that have changed the course of his life. Maximus spoke about his experience and views.

Jackson WeimerHow did this inspire you? What was it that inspired you to begin?

Maximus FayWhen I saw kids my age or younger making lots of money online, I was content to scroll aimlessly on social media or playing video games. They started living the lifestyle that I wanted, and I began to observe them more. One day, I decided that nothing bad could come out of me making an attempt to be productive, so I’d say that’s really when the journey started.

Weimer: Do you think that there’s something unique about social media as a place to run a business? Are you more inclined to see it as an advantage or a weakness?

Fay: Yes. I believe it allows creators/businesses establish an audience and create a community much more quickly than any other medium. It’s also a great source of motivation in general. My motivation is based on the people I admire and what I do. While you have to be extremely careful when using a social media account, especially for a business, it’s a great strength if you know how to maneuver the roads and network.

Weimer:Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? What would your journey look like compared to other entrepreneurs?

Fay: In the beginning, my motivation was to earn money. To learn trading options, digital asset futures and derivatives contract strategies, I locked myself up for 8 hours a days in my bedroom. In the months that followed, I had a steady and profitable technical analysis-based trading strategy. From that point on, I became passionate about making money and creating wealth. That desire was fulfilled by diversifying into additional income streams. Many of those around me started out as entrepreneurs, but for me, I’d say it only really interested me once I had made my money and wanted to make it create passive income. For me, the original goal of my business was simply to make some money. However, once I had enough, I saw them as the best ways to create passive income.

Weimer: We would love to know more about your businesses. Are there any disappointments in your ventures?

Fay: Currently I’m working on something I call MCF Enterprise, a company that streamlines the process for business development. Prior to that I was co-founder of IsonomiaThe company will be funding its first round. I wouldn’t say any ventures have disappointed me in terms of the idea, but some of the progress has been slower than I anticipated. Unfortunately, that’s something that’s bound to happen, so I just do what I can to work around it.

Weimer: Do you like or loathe being an entrepreneur? Is it possible to be a social media entrepreneur while working primarily on this?

Fay: For me, I think It’s really motivating that the rewards from being an entrepreneur are merit based— not based on age, a factor out of my control, and institutional education, which is a factor I didn’t care to prioritize. While social media as a whole isn’t the only opportunity that fulfills that criteria, I couldn’t find a space that simultaneously had as much freedom and as much opportunity for business and networking as social media did. However, it took some time to accept that I wasn’t working alone at the beginning and had other people rely on me. It got stressful at times, but now I feel like I’m stronger with my network. It’s very hard to be successful without working with others when it comes to running a business like that, so I’d say it’s definitely important to have those collaboration skills.

The conversation was edited for clarity.

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