Beyonce’s New Album Marketing Strategy Goes Against The TikTok Wave

Just like Diana Ross in the Supremes and Michael Jackson in The Jackson 5, Beyoncé knew since her early days in Destiny’s Child how to snatch the attention and mesmerize the audience with her talent, voice, and performance.

But being just like the others was never enough for the “Queen Bey”. As her verse on Nicki Minaj’s song says, she “changed the game when that digital drop”, as an allusion to the surprise drop-off of her self-entitled album, back in 2013, challenging the entire status quo of the industry back then.

And with her new album Renaissance, she is doing it again. Beyoncé is taking advantage of the effervescence of social media content, but without being volatile or too snackable. 

You could say that the singer is swimming against the “TikTok wave” that many music professionals (and, let’s face it, Marketing professionals as well) are surfing. And her evergreen strategy has a lot to teach us about how to make noise in Digital, without depending on trends — by adopting a more solid and consistent approach.

Put your freakum dress on and join me to find out how this Marketing beast will strike next!

Renaissance = Rebirth

The music industry has shifted so much in the last years, becoming conditioned to demands and behaviors coming from social media channels, especially TikTok. Artists like Halsey and Doja Cat even went public to address how chaotic it is.

It’s cool having tracks made for trends and viral dances, but not when it’s mandatory and everybody has to do so. What about longer tracks? Vocals? References? What about delivering entire album experiences to the fans?

And then comes Beyoncé in the middle of this scene, announcing a 16-track album, with big disco/house references, and collaboration with legends like Grace Jones and Nile Rodger. And if you think this is no big deal, check what Rolling Stone Magazine says about the current music scene:

“Even artists who thrive on the platform have made lighthearted references to being forced to post content. Doja Cat teased a collaboration with Taco Bell with a tongue-in-check gripe about the partnership. ‘I gotta do this fucking TikTok … they want me to rap about Mexican Pizza,’ she said. ‘So, I just wanted to give you a heads up before you see that shit, it’s contractual. Shh. I know it’s bad.’ (Artists are now even lampooning the phenomenon, with Charli XCX joking that she was ‘lying for fun’ after claiming her label asked her to make eight TikToks a week.)

All that was not by chance. Beyoncé wants to make a statement here. On her official website, she published an open letter to talk more about what Renaissance is all about. 

On a personal level, she shares: “Creating this album allowed me a place to dream and to find escape during a scary time for the world. It allowed me to feel free and adventurous in a time when little else was moving. My intention was to create a safe place, a place without judgment. A place to be free of perfectionism and overthinking. A place to scream, release, feel freedom. It was a beautiful journey of exploration.”

And to her fans, who fasted 7 years for a new album, she addresses: “I hope you find joy in this music. I hope it inspires you to release the wiggle. Ha! And to feel as unique, strong, and sexy as you are.”

On that note, it gets pretty clear what her priorities are with this project, and that she chose not to lose originality or quality in order to achieve greatness

And Marketing-wise, this should be a wake-up call to every brand that thinks they have to stick with what everybody else is doing just to fit in or to achieve certain results.

Follow the trends, but keep it authentic

As a longtime marketer, I can say that TikTok has been operating as a catalyst to shrink and shorten content relevance. 

The “15-second generation”, as I like to call them, is so conditioned to get easily bored, that basically you have now to consider creating content for lazy people. How messed up is that?

Just so we can be clear here: I am not advocating against TikTok. And neither is Beyoncé, since she recently offered her entire catalog on the platform. But this Child of Destiny knows that what she has to offer as an artist goes way beyond a 15-second viral dance.

And you should think alike for your strategy as well.

How many missed opportunities have you had because you’re not embracing the full potential of your content? Let your audience know that your brand has what it takes to go all the way! Don’t be afraid to go deep, to be meaningful, and deliver relevance. 

Show them who runs the world! And it’s you.

Learn how to use Marketing tools in your favor

It’s really interesting to see Beyoncé, after all these years, still serving originality. Quite frankly, I know she’s only able to do that because she adapts the environment to her needs, and not the other way around. And so can you.

Here at Rock Content we live and breathe content production. That’s our core! And we stand so strongly for that because, year after year, we have witnessed that having a space to land, nurture and educate the audience is the key-factor to create long lasting, profitable relationships.

Beyoncé is not trying to question or cancel TikTok’s authority in business right now. Instead, she found a way to make it work for her, while she releases 6-minute long tracks unbothered. 

You should do the same! Go hard on trends, but don’t forget what people want/need. Pay attention to where your audience will land after they double-tap your post.

Especially during times when your competitors are blinded by ephemeral trends, you have the perfect opportunity to stand out! 

And in case you’re down for this mission, you can freely download the State of Marketing Trends Report 2022, created by Hubspot in partnership with Rock Content, Litmus and Wistia to help you create your own Marketing and sales Renaissance!

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