The Strategy Behind Building A Thriving Online Community For Your Brand

Marketing Podcast with Jenny Weigle

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jenny Weigle. Jenny has been creating, executing, and reviewing strategies for online communities for more than 10 years. She’s worked with more than 100 brands on various aspects of their community strategy and implementations, including launch, migration, programming, and planning.

Key Takeaway:

Community is one of those big buzzwords right now. So what even is community? Does your business need to have one? And what even is the benefit of building a community in the first place? Jenny Weigle has worked with more than 100 brands on aspects of their community strategy and implementations. In this episode, she’s breaking down why it’s so important today to build an online community of raving fans and customers for your business and the best ways to go about it.

Questions I ask Jenny Weigle:

  • [1:19] How would you define community and how is it different than my Facebook business profile or page?
  • [2:50] Do the people who join a community intend on engaging with many members or is it really because of the way the technology works?
  • [3:59] Who needs to be thinking about community — B2B brands or B2C brands?
  • [5:58] Does the way community is used change based upon its a small or enterprise-sized brand?
  • [7:02] What are some of the platforms for a community that works well for smaller businesses?
  • [8:51] What is some of the standard advice you give to brands on how to get engagement in a community they’re building?
  • [10:42] What are the benefits of a B2B company growing a community?
  • [12:41] Are there upsell opportunities in communities?
  • [13:20] What are the risks of having a community?
  • [14:13] How do you approach someone giving their honest opinion in a group or community that isn’t so flattering of your product?
  • [15:00] Should you be curating members for a community?
  • [16:13] What have you seen people do effectively to keep people active in a community through rewards?
  • [19:02] What are a few of your favorite communities that you think are doing it right?
  • [20:25] Where can people learn more about you and your work?

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