MMA Germany Brings the Mobile Maturity Self-Assessment tool to Global Brands

Learn how your company performs on mobile with a self-assessment tool developed by experts from Google, Facebook, Adjust, and Ogury.

MUNICH, 22nd October — MMA Germany teamed up with mobile experts from Google, Facebook, Adjust, and Ogury to develop a tool that allows companies to assess their mobile readiness in less than 20 minutes. The Mobile Maturity Self Assessment examines areas such as organization, measurement, marketing, and product (e.g. UX). Companies gain valuable insights regarding where they are already demonstrating mobile proficiency, and where they may need to improve.

MMA Germany logo

MMA Germany logo

There are over 3.5 billion smartphones in use around the globe. More than 90% of the global internet population uses mobile devices, and they expect a great mobile UX. Fail to provide them with a good experience and 65% are ready to shift to the competition, according to Google [1]. Additionally, 57% of consumers do not recommend businesses with poor mobile websites [2]. It’s clear, mobile isn’t just another channel — it’s an essential strategy for businesses in the digital age.

“In 2021, we are an increasingly mobile-first society. It’s no longer enough to have a marginally mobile-friendly website, but objectively evaluating the maturity of a company’s mobile presence has been nearly impossible,” says Katja Griesser, Country Director, Mobile Marketing Association Germany. “The MMA Germany has set out to solve that problem with the help of some industry partners from Google, Facebook, Adjust, and Ogury.”

“Winning on Mobile goes beyond having a mobile version of your website. Knowing your blind spots and thinking holistically are key elements of the strategy. And since more people surf the internet on the go using their mobile devices, mobile first means customer first,” says Sebastian Grebasch, Mobile Growth Lead at Google.

Try the free Mobile Maturity Self Assessment tool to learn how your company performs and get personalised advice on how you can improve your mobile experience. Mobile traffic converts at less than half the rate of desktop traffic, according to stats from Monetate [3], so every business needs to take its mobile presence seriously.

Take the assessment here:

[1] Google/Heart+Mind Strategies, ‘Getting Things Done on Mobile’, Feb. 2018, n=704, U.K., A18+ smartphone users



About the MMA Germany:
Comprising over 800-member companies globally and 15 regional offices, the MMA is the only marketing trade association that brings together the full ecosystem of marketers, martech and media companies working collaboratively to architect the future of marketing, while relentlessly delivering growth today. Led by CMO’s, the MMA helps marketers lead the imperative for marketing change – in ways that enable future breakthroughs while optimizing current activities. The MMA is committed to science and questioning and believes that creating marketing impact is steeped in constructively challenging the status quo encouraging business leaders to aggressively adopt proven, peer-driven and scientific best practices, without compromise. The MMA invests millions of dollars in rigorous research to enable marketers with unassailable truth and actionable tools. By enlightening, empowering and enabling marketers, the MMA shapes future success, while also propelling business growth.

The MMA’s global headquarters are located in New York with regional operations in Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and Latin America (LATAM). For more information about the MMA, please visit the website of the MMA Global. The MMA Germany is led by Country Director Katja Griesser and Chair Mark Wächter. For more information about the MMA Germany and their members visit our website, our blog, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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