InMoment acquires review management company

Experience improvement platform InMoment has announced the acquisition of ReviewTrackers which offers a set of solutions to analyze and amplify customer voices. The new capabilities will help InMoment users to manage solicited feedback, such as direct surveys, as well as social feedback and reviews and ratings all in one platform.

Experience improvement (XI) is understood by InMoment as the project of better anticipating and meeting both customer and employee needs through active listening, analytics, data management and reporting. ReviewTrackers aims to use use customer feedback to accelerate new customer acquisition and support customer retention.

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How it works. Unlike survey results, for example, review feedback takes the form of unstructured data. InMoment will be able to apply its core text analytics, an AI-powered solution, to the reviews managed by ReviewTrackers.

Why we care. This digital world provides unfettered opportunities for customers to express positive and negative opinions about products and services across many channels and, potentially, to an unlimited audience. Social listening tools can track conversations about brands across social channels. Reviews are another key source for unsolicited customer feedback. InMoment is moving to incorporate, analyze and drive value from such unstructured data.

“By joining InMoment, we have a remarkable opportunity to broaden the scope of our individual solutions and strengths to provide an integrated system that will help our clients better acquire and retain their customers,” said ReviewTrackers CEO Chris Campbell in a release.

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