Customer ‘retargeting’ on mobile driving 100x increase in sales, reveals new Upstream data

Automated retargeting via mobile can drive campaign efficiencies while guarding against spam

Athens, March 17, 2022 – ‘Retargeting’ a consumer via mobile that has already interacted with a brand is more than ten times more likely to result in an order or other positive engagement compared to an initial communication, according to new data from mobile marketing experts Upstream. The improvement is even greater, almost 100 times, if the mobile marketing campaign’s retargeting is performed on the same day the consumer initially engaged with the brand.

Messaging Spam Reduction

Messaging Spam Reduction

These findings were based on real-world campaigns being deployed on Upstream’s martech platform ‘Grow’. This award-winning platform is being deployed by MNOs and brands around the world, including via one of Brazil’s largest mobile operators serving more than 45 million subscribers.

The data shows that brands that are able to dynamically reengage with potential customers are seeing dramatic improvements in their mobile marketing campaigns. Mobile retargeting aims to capture customers that demonstrated an interest in a brand’s product or service, for example, by engaging with a website or going through a purchase process but abandoning the order before completing it.

“The unique data we extract from Grow provides actionable insight for marketers looking to fine tune their campaigns in a rapidly evolving digital marketing environment,” said Chrysa Karamanidi, Chief Innovation Officer at Upstream. “As third-party cookies are phased out over the next year, the ability to dynamically target – and retarget – potential customers using effective automation processes without overwhelming the user is becoming key to unlocking marketing success.”

According to the data released by Upstream today, same-day retargeting via automation leads to a 90 per cent increase in the campaign’s efficiency (sum of orders divided by number of impressions) compared to doing so manually. Automated features within Grow guard against ‘spamming’ by setting the volume of follow-up messages based on where the user had previously progressed to in the journey, ranging from an initial ‘bounce’ from a website to later stages such as the payment step. Automated retargeting via Grow requires nearly half the number of messages (-47 percent) sent to a user to achieve the same results.

Upstream unveiled Grow in 2021, consolidating audience management, automation, channel orchestration, insights and analytics, security, and a creative studio onto a single platform. Brands across multiple sectors, such as telecoms, education, insurance, banking and retail are deploying Grow to deliver successful multichannel campaigns.


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Upstream is a leading technology company in the field of mobile marketing in the most important emerging markets in the world. Its mobile marketing automation platform, Grow, unique in its kind, combines innovations in the field of marketing automation and data, security from online advertising fraud, and multi-channel digital communication aimed at creating personalized experiences for end consumers. With more than 4,000 successful mobile marketing campaigns, the Upstream team helps its customers, leading brands around the world, communicate more effectively with their customers, increase digital sales and boost their revenue. Upstream solutions are aimed at 1.2 billion consumers in more than 45 countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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