Why Finding Your Purpose Is So Important

Finding your purpose in life is not a singular item such as, “I’m here on earth to be an amazing novelist.” If that were true, writers would not form relationships or doing any else besides writing. The purpose for your overall life impacts your health, relationships, and overall potential to excel.

It may be hard to believe, but very few people ever finish a book that they purchase to read. Many give up before the end of the first chapter. It is also true that very few people understand the purpose of their life and even what career they should be in.

This was evident back in 1970 when Richard Nelson Bolles wrote: “What Color Is My Parachute?” With that eye-catching title, the book was written to help people decide what their career should be, as many finished high school and ended up in university studying programs they were unsuited for.

When you do not understand your purpose in life, it can lead to unhappiness, poor health, and terrible relationships. We can break down purpose into different areas and see what we should be doing.

– Knowing your purpose allows you to be not only part of your community but to contribute in many different ways. We all have some unique talent or gift, and when we use it to our full potential, we not only help ourselves but others.

– Knowing your purpose in life gives it meaning and allows you to expand your life. Following one of your parents in their chosen field because “that is what my parent did” is usually a recipe for disaster. One of your parents may have been an outstanding accountant, but that is not likely your true role in life.

When you are not fully aware of your life’s purpose, your confidence levels will not be as high as possible. Thriving at your work means you head off in the morning and cannot wait to get started. You are enthusiastic and brimming with confidence.

The opposite is, constantly hitting the snooze button and saying, “another five minutes. I hate my commute and the job.”

– Without knowing your purpose, it is impossible to unlock your full potential. When you look at the most significant discoveries globally, the people who thrived were purpose-driven. Think of Tesla or Edison. Both men had a purpose in life, and nothing distracted them from reaching their true potential.

– Without purpose, there is no passion in life. With all the advances we have made in society, a person who has a passion even for something obscure will find a way to make a living while doing it.

Being passionate about your work means there is no effort to get out of bed and start the day early. There will an eagerness to not only get started but have a productive day every time you put on the work hat.

This makes the playtime you have in your life much more enjoyable because you are not flashing back to what you didn’t do in the workday or worrying about the need to arise and work tomorrow.

– The word abundance has significant meaning when you ask people about it. Many will say that they want to “attract abundance into their lives,” as they have read books or articles on the subject.

Asking the universe for abundance becomes much easier when you know your purpose. You must put in the work and align yourself with the correct values. Combine that with passion, and it signals to the universe that you are ready for abundance.

For a few years, many people were confused about how abundance works, and they had the idea that it was achieved just by thought. That was incorrect; there must be positive action taken, and knowing your purpose and living it, is a big part of the action plan.