Mistakes-Precious Life Lessons

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying To Find Your Life Purpose

Knowledge is key to avoiding mistakes, and when you do have a blunder, learn from it and move on. There are things you should be aware of and avoid while finding your life’s purpose. Here are 8 common mistakes people make.

  1. Never assume that learning and practicing your life purpose is all about you. Remember that you are surrounded by family and friends impacted by what you do in your life. Yes, you should live your own life as long as you are not harming anyone else. When you work on and discover your purpose, it becomes a blessing when it positively impacts the lives of those close to you and in the outer circle.
  2. Modeling others who have had success in any endeavor will give you a much greater chance of success. Remember, however, that you want to model the person but not become a copy of them. As such, you are an individual and should take the good points you learn and work them in your particular life situation.
  3. Avoid making your job the only thing that you work on in terms of your life purpose. Many people focus on their careers as doctors, teachers, or even artists and ignore the other aspects of life. You need a balance of purpose in all areas. For example, if you focus 100% on finding the true purpose of your career, you may suffer burnout. Look at your overall purpose of career, hobbies, and giving back to the community by volunteering in an area you are passionate about.
  4. Keep an open mind and try new things and meet new people. Don’t close yourself off to the possibility of trying something new with someone you just met. You can expand your life purpose by letting things flow and not blocking them off. For example, if your self-esteem is not great, you need to work on that to find your true life purpose. Without great self-esteem, you will not venture out with an open mind and be ready to receive the abundance the universe has to provide.
  5. You may have heard the term, “patience is a virtue, or good things come to he who waits.” Yes, patience is a good thing, but some people will take this to extremes. The act of patience becomes an act of being stuck and not moving forward. You can balance it out by taking action, then a pause to reflect, and then act again. Looking for your purpose should not take months and months of thinking and doing little else.
  6. Not everyone likes to write, and many people find it hard to put together a great email or a blog post. That should not stop you from journaling and discovering your purpose in life. If you struggle to write in a journal, take baby steps and do one sentence per day. When doing a sentence a day becomes easy, then double it. In a short time, you will find yourself writing journal entries that inspire you.
  7. Confidence is a wonderful thing. However, it is a mistake to be over-confident and tell yourself that this is going to easy. Finding your life purpose takes reflection and sometimes altering your belief system to align it with your passion and purpose. Getting overconfident is the gateway to making mistakes and misidentifying what your life purpose is.
  8. As with self-confidence, positive thinking is a genuinely wonderful attribute. However, you need to guard against just using positive thinking to come up with your life purpose. Stop and imagine sitting in the lotus position and just thinking positively about purpose. It is not likely going to come to you. You need to combine positivity and action to get the results.